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The Ruggie mat alarm clock

The Ruggie mat alarm clock

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The Ruggie mat alarm clock

Added 2016-01-25

The Ruggie mat alarm clock

Getting off bed early in the morning is hard. Some people simply put theirs alarm clock away from their bed so it forces them to wake up. Other people keep snoozing until they are late. I personally prefer this method: the Ruggie mat alarm clock.

The Ruggie alarm clock is a mat made of high density memory foam, for our comfort. It has a touch sensor integrated inside the mat so we can turn the alarm off by standing on the carpet. It's comfortable for our feet and we must stay on the carpet for at least 3 seconds in order to turn the alarm off. This way, there is no chances (or maybe I should say less chances) to get back to sleep after setting the alarm off.

The mat also has a LED display of the time and can display motivational quotes when standing on it. It also can play the sound of your choice as the alarm. You simply plug the mat into your computer with an USB cable and drag any song you want in it.

If you want to give Ruggie a try, or simply want more information, you can pre-order it on the kickstater website for $79 US.

"...the problem is that when we hit the snooze button, we are telling our subconscious mind that it is okay to not follow through with our commitments and what we intend to do." - The Miracle Morning