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Oculus and Samsung teamed up and developed the Samsung Gear VR

Oculus and Samsung teamed up and developed the Samsung Gear VR

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Oculus and Samsung teamed up and developed the Samsung Gear VR

Added 2015-12-04

Oculus and Samsung teamed up and developed the Samsung Gear VR

Tired of the wait for the Oculus Rift? You feel the need to immerse yourself into virtual reality? It is now possible with the new Samsung Gear VR, which cost only $ 99 USD.

The Samsung Gear VR

Samsung gear VR

Oculus has recently teamed up with Samsung to develop a portable gadget named Samsung Gear VR. It works in a really easy way; you simply connect your Samsung Galaxy phone on the headset, download the Oculus application and you are now plunged into a virtual reality world. This being done, you will be able to discover different apps, play intense games and watch 360-degree videos.

What type of apps and games can I expect?

Samsung VR apps and games

For now, the Oculus app comes with 100 different apps and games. Amongs the game, you will find Dreadhalls, Herobound and Anshar War, which could be the three of the most promising games (see screenshots below). There is also many other types of games like puzzle games, adventure games and even horror games. "How can you play theses games if your phone is right into your face", you will ask? Well, you simply use your head as a joystick! How cool is that?

Anshar War

Amongs the apps, there is tons of things to do, like exploring cities of the world, or watching 360-degree images of the Getty Image 80 million+ images collection.

What about movies?

You will be able to watch 360-degree movies and TV series. The Netflix app will allow you to watch a movie into a custom environment like a virtual cinema theater or a luxury room. The BluVR app will allow you to watch 360-degree mammals' documentaries under the sea. There is even a Cirque du soleil app in the case you want to watch a full show in a virtual environment!

Cirque du soleil

To resume

Awesome gadget, low price! The only inconvenient is that you need to have a Samsung Galaxy phone. It is probably not advantageous to buy a Samsung phone only to use that device, but if you already have the Samsung Galaxy phone, enjoy it!
Here's a short cool video from the Oculus website

If you want to buy this gadget, here's the Amazon links :

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