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Vuze - The 360 degree 3D camera

Added 2016-02-26

VUZE is the world's first consumer portable 360° 3D camera. You can make 3D videos, but you can as well use it for 2D videos. …

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The ripple maker - Your coffee designer!

Added 2016-02-23

The ripple maker is a gadget which will allow you to get creative with your cup of coffee. Using coffee extract, this gadget will make you a unique design on the top of the foam of your latte or cappuccino.…

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The Ruggie mat alarm clock

Added 2016-01-25

Getting off bed early in the morning is hard. Some people simply put theirs alarm clock away from their bed so it forces them to wake up. Other people keep snoozing until they are late. I personally prefer this method: the Ruggie mat alarm clock.…

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Build an homemade High-Tech mirror with an old phone

Added 2016-01-02

Interested in building your own high-tech mirror for your home? You have an old smartphone or tablet that you don't use anymore? In this post, I will show you how I build my own high-tech mirror with two old smartphones, a few bucks and a couple…

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Top gadgets of December 2015

Added 2015-12-24

This time of the month has come, time to list the best gadgets of December 2015! We know, we are a little bit late this month, we have been busy. But get ready, because this month we got awesome gadgets for you. …

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Oculus and Samsung teamed up and developed the Samsung Gear VR

Added 2015-12-04

Tired of the wait for the Oculus Rift? You feel the need to immerse yourself into virtual reality? It is now possible with the new Samsung Gear VR, which cost only $ 99 USD.…

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The bullshit press button

Added 2015-11-28

Tired of those people lying and exaggerating their stories? You do not want to waste a single millimeter of saliva again for those guys? Here's the solution: the bullshit push button! You won't need ever again to waste your time talking to them.…

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Darth Vader Toaster

Added 2015-11-17

If you want to become a badass like Darth Vader, you gotta eat like Darth Vader. Everyone knows that Darth Vader use his powers to toast his bread with his face on it in the morning. Well, now it is possible to reach a little bit more the Vader…

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